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Why Call JULIE

For starters, it’s the law in Illinois to contact the utility companies before you dig. If you don’t, you can be liable for any damage caused to an underground cable or utility. Not to mention what if you became injured by an electrical line or gas line?

We don’t like to take those risks either, and we want to work safely on your property plus be respectful of your neighbors. I’m sure they wouldn’t want us to cut their cable television by accident!

We contact JULIE prior to digging or driving a stake at your property as they take care of marking your property for all the major utility companies.

Unfortunately it can take up to 2 business days before they will authorize digging which can delay your mailbox installation.

We hope you understand our concern for yours and our safety as part of the mailbox post installation process.

Click here to view the official JULIE website for more information.

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