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Premium Cedar Custom Nantucket Mailbox Post Package in Plainfield

Here is one of our No. 1 seller the Premium Cedar Nantucket Mailbox Post Packages that we professionally installed in Plainfield IL near South Naperville. It’s custom crafted out of rough sawn 4×4 cedar topped off with a Newport style cedar post cap and Gibraltar medium capacity black mailbox.  Total price to customer was $375.

Premium Custom Cedar Nantucket Mailbox Post and Mailbox w/nail on aluminum numbers

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Cedar House Mailbox and French Gothic Post – Lakewood Falls in Plainfield-Romeoville

Here is a French Gothic cedar post topped with a cedar chalet style mailbox with address numbers on both sides of the post and a weedeater protector at the base of the post. Total cost of installation was $400.  This mailbox and post was installed in the Lakewood Falls subdivision where the HOA rules dictate the mailbox and post design and materials. Lakewood Falls is located on the Plainfield-Romeoville border. We do have less expensive options for the posts however this is what the homeowner desired. Unfortunately this specific model mailbox is not available year round however we do have other options available but at a higher cost. Please call Mailbox Fast at 630-215-7343 for a quote.

Cedar mailbox and post

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French Gothic Cedar Mailbox and Post Combination

Our French Gothic Cedar Mailbox and Post Package includes the post, the mailbox and mounting plate, up to 4 address numbers and installation.

Price $350

Preserve the natural beauty of your cedar post by adding an optional UV protective clear coating or stain for $100

Scroll down to look at our sample photos or click here to visit our recent installations page.

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Mailbox Fast is a 5 star rated professional mailbox and mailbox post replacement service located in the Naperville/Wheaton area of Illinois.

We have replaced or repaired 100’s of mailboxes and mailbox posts in the Dupage, Will and Kane County areas. We have decades of experience in the construction and handyman industries.

Mailbox Fast has been working with Home Depot for the last few years to provide quality mailbox and post replacements and repairs as well as a variety of other handyman services.

Mailbox Fast responds quickly to all inquiries for mailbox or post replacement because we know that you don’t want to be inconvenienced by having to go to the post office to pick up your daily mail when something happens to your mailbox or post.

We also know you don’t want to look at an ugly, leaning or damaged mailbox sitting at the end of your driveway when you come home from work or the store and that that curb appeal is important in maintaining property values in your community or HOA.


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Mailbox Fast Installation Service Area

Mailbox installation service area.

Here are the areas we serve best. If you don’t see your community in the area highlighted please don’t hesitate to call as we may still be able to help you.

Some of the towns/areas we service:

Aurora, Naperville, Lisle, Wheaton, Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Carol Stream, St. Charles, Glendale Heights, Oakbrook, Oakbrook Terrace, Brookfield, Willowbrook, Darien, Batavia, Geneva, North Aurora, Oswego, Montgomery, Yorkville, Sugar Grove, Plainfield, Lockport, Crest Hill,  Joliet, Wooddale, Itasca, Medinah, Schaumburg,Arlington Heights, Palatine, Roselle, Bartlett, Dupage County, Cook County, Kane County, Kendall County

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Plainfield Illinois Mailbox Installations

Do you live in Plainfield and need mailbox or post replacement or repair? No problem! Plainfield is within our territory and we can have that mailbox installed or repaired for you FAST!

Call 630-215-7343 NOW for prompt, professional mailbox or post  replacement service!

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So You Think You Want a Brick Mailbox

Many people have asked us if we install brick mailboxes.

Well, the answer is quite simply, “Nope!”

While you may see many brick mailboxes throughout your community, most local municipalities have banned new installations.

There are many reasons for this, but the foremost is safety.

Mailbox posts are supposed to be designed to break away in the event of a collision with a moving vehicle.  Regulations state that a post must be made of:

Wood- No greater than 4″ diameter square or round.

Steel- Thin wall steel  no greater than 2″ diameter round or square.

Even if you look at road signs mounted on a 6″ wooden post, you will notice that near the bottom there are 2″ holes drilled into the post so it will break away in the event of a collision. The ones made of steel are perforated for the same reasons.

What happens when you create a mailbox out of brick or any kind of heavy duty material such as a railroad tie or heavy steel is you create what the DOT (Dept. of Transportation) calls a,” Deadly fixed object.”

If a vehicle (municipal such as a snowplow or privately owned) strikes your heavy duty mailbox you can be held liable for damages incurred to the vehicle or any injury (or God forbid) death incurred by the collision.

So, what most municipalities have done is require a building permit for brick mailboxes, but if you actually apply for one, it will NEVER be approved, putting you out the fees for the permit application. Some communities make you apply for land use covenants which are complicated to obtain.

If you find a contractor who is willing to work without permits to install your brick mailbox you could end up out of a lot of money and a possible liability lawsuit later. For instance you give your contractor a deposit, he starts the work and an inspector drives by… the inspector can halt the work immediately and make you remove whatever work has been started. Likewise, if an inspector notices a brand new brick mailbox in a given neighborhood he can make you dismantle it. Either way your out of a lot of money! Lastly, if someone runs their car into your brick mailbox and goes head first into their windshield and they lawyer up, you can be taken to court and sued.

So be wise in your decision about what type of mailbox you wish to install. There are a lot of elegant post mount mailboxes that are sure to compliment your landscape and your beautiful home.

Additional links regarding mailboxes by some of the local communities:

Naperville Illinois mailbox guidelines

Lisle Illinois mailbox guidelines

Wheaton Illinois  mailbox guidelines

Downers Grove Illinois mailbox guidelines

Batavia Illinois mailbox guidelines

Geneva Illinois mailbox guidelines

Plainfield-Shorewood Illinois mailbox guidelines

St. Charles Illinois Mailbox Guidelines

There are too many municipalities to list here, but if you are planning to build a brick mailbox, it’s always a good idea to check with your community’s building department.

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Home Owner’s Associations (HOA’s)

If you represent and HOA and want to inquire about uniform

HOA Compliant
An HOA Compliant mailbox we built, painted and installed in Plainfield,Illinois

mailboxes for your subdivision please use our contact form and we will be happy to assist you in beautifying your community.

If you are a homeowner in an HOA and require a specific style mailbox post combo to appease your association and neighbors please call us at 630-215-7343 or use our contact page to get the ball rolling!

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Mailbox Fast – Professional Mailbox and Post Installer and Repairs in Naperville

Mailbox Fast, your first and best choice for mailbox and post replacement and repairs in the west suburbs of Chicago!

Is it time to replace that mailbox yet? We can help!

Whether you choose one of our premium or basic made to order mailbox posts, Mailbox Fast has you covered.

At Mailbox Fast, we love what we do and think you will too!

Please review our selection of post and mailbox packages or call us to install your store bought post.

The Nantucket- Our #1 Seller

New England style rough sawn cedar post with cedar cap, black mailbox and nail on numbers. Support brace goes to the rear of mailbox arm. May optionally be stained white for additional $100. Planter can also be added on rear arm.


Call 630-215-7343 NOW for prompt, professional mailbox or post  replacement service!

Most installations are $175-$220* (Basic pressure treated post and mailbox) .We can install something you ordered online or picked up at your local Home Depot. We also build “spec” mailbox posts can meet any HOA (Home Owner’s Association) requirements. 

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Whether your mailbox got knocked or fell over or you just want to improve the curb appeal of your home you don’t want the inconvenience of having to drive to the post office for your daily deliveries.

That’s why Mailbox Fast tries to respond within 24 hours to your request whether it’s providing a temporary mailbox or repairing your existing post while  you decide what you want for a replacement.


Call 630-215-7343 NOW for prompt, professional mailbox or post  replacement service!


  • The $175-$220 price quoted is for labor only. In some instances materials are included. Please call for exact quote.


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